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We understand that your ROM ceremony is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Our ROM Photography is just what you need to document every heartfelt emotion and intimate moment. Our goal is to create beautiful, timeless photographs that you can treasure and reminisce about for years to come.

Our team will work with you to understand your specific needs and preferences. We will ensure your ROM photography experience is tailored to your unique vision. We offer a range of packages to suit different budgets and needs. Get in touch today, and we’d be happy to customise a package fit for your specific requirements.

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ROM Photography Photo Gallery

ROM Photography Photo Gallery

Our ROM Photography Packages, Pricing & Rates

ROM Service Comparisons | Our Momento & Some Companies

Our Momento Some Companies
Transparent pricing Yes Depends
Portfolio Transparency Yes Depends
Morning/weekend surcharge No Yes 
Flexible packages and bookings Yes Depends
>7 Days refundable deposit Yes Depends
Balance payment after photo session Yes Depends
4R prints free shipping Yes Depends
4R prints in all packages Yes No
Further edits in all packages Yes No
7 to 10 working days turnaround time Yes No
Rescheduling fees Depends Depends
Post-service support Yes No
Follow-ups available after 1 month Yes No
Discounts for repeat customers Yes No

ROM Photography Frequently Asked Questions

What is ROM Photography?

ROM Photography, also known as “Registry of Marriage Photography,” is a specialised branch of photography focused on capturing the memorable moments during a couple’s Registry of Marriage ceremony. This intimate event marks the legal union of a couple and is often a precursor to larger wedding celebrations. ROM photographers are skilled professionals who excel in documenting the unique and emotional moments of this significant occasion. From candid shots of the couple’s expressions to the signing of legal documents, ROM photography aims to preserve the essence and beauty of this important milestone.

What is the process of your ROM photography like?

We will arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled ROM slot. We can start by taking group photos in ROM with your family, friends and guests.

When your turn is announced, we will go into the solemnisation room to document the entire ceremony, including the exchange of vows, and rings, which usually lasts no more than 10 minutes.

Following the ceremony, we will exit through the glass door and take additional group photos in various areas around the ROM.

Lastly, we will take the newly engaged for an outdoor photo session. Possible outdoor locations include Fort Canning, Spiral Staircase, National Gallery (2 Hours package), outside Victoria Theatre and nearby Singapore River.

Feel free to bring props like balloons or signs to add a touch of fun to your photos. We have props such as bubble guns, confetti, sparklers and fairy lights as well.

How many hours should I book for ROM/Solemnisation Photography session?

We typically recommend 1 hour of ROM photography session if the solemnisation is more private with lesser than 10 people.

If you anticipate a substantial number of guests (more than 15) attending your ROM/Solemnisation or if you wish to include additional outdoor couple photo sessions, we suggest scheduling a minimum of 2 hours of ROM photography to ensure comprehensive coverage of your special day. After all, this momentous occasion is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

How do I book or confirm the photography session?

To book our services, you have several convenient options for confirmation:

  1. Reach out to us through WhatsApp at +65 8020 2902
  2. Send an email to
  3. Alternatively, you can fill in and submit our contact form below or at

Do provide your 1) Name, 2) Contact Number, 3) Type of Photography, 4) Date, 5) Time and 6) Venue.

Once you have decided to engage our services, we will proceed by issuing an invoice.

To secure the booking, a 50% deposit is required, with the remaining balance due within 10 days after the photoshoot session.

Any things to take note of before our ROM/Solemnisation?

1) Always maintain a casual smile when facing your solemniser when the solemnisation commences. It is your day! However, if things get emotional, it is fine too, just be yourself.

2) During Vows and speech exchange, always face each other. As you are saying to each other, not the Solemniser

3) During Ring exchange, the Couples should tilt/angle their wrist towards the camera. This is to showcase the ring clearer by facing the camera at an angle.

The person putting/giving the ring should place their other hand below the receiver’s hand/palm.

Use 2 fingers (Index and thumb) to put on the ring to as this prevents covering too much of the ring itself.

During all of this, look at each other in the eyes + the ring + the camera for some shots. You will be reminded.

We would also like to encourage both of you to just flaunt the rings to everyone/guest!

4) During the Kiss, you can hold each other’s hand, upper or lower back or even side of the arm/elbows

5) During the groom’s signing, the bride should wrap/hook her arms around the groom’s arm. During the bride’s signing, the groom should place his hand around her waist or shoulders.

These are some preparations to take note of. The photographer will still remind you during the event itself.

What should I wear to my ROM or Solemnisation event?

What you should wear to your ROM (Registry of Marriage) or Solemnisation event largely depends on your personal style, the formality of the event, and the location. Here are some general guidelines to help you decide on the perfect outfit:

1. Formal or Semi-Formal Solemnisation:

If your ROM event is formal or semi-formal, consider wearing a classic wedding gown or a suit. A white or ivory dress with elegant detailing is a timeless choice for brides. Grooms can opt for a well-fitted suit in a traditional color like black, navy, or gray. Don’t forget to accessorize to add a personal touch.

2. Casual or Informal Solemnisation:

For a more relaxed event, you can choose a casual or informal outfit. Brides can opt for a simple and comfortable dress, perhaps in a light or pastel colour. Grooms can go for a smart-casual look with a dress shirt, trousers, and a jacket. Remember to consider the venue and weather when selecting your outfit.

3. Destination or Themed Solemnisation:

If you’re having a destination ROM or a themed event, your attire should match the location or theme. For a beach ceremony, a lightweight, flowy dress and casual attire for the groom are suitable. For themed events, ensure your attire aligns with the theme’s style and colours.

4. Cultural or Traditional Solemnisation:

If you and your partner come from different cultural backgrounds or want to incorporate cultural traditions, consider wearing traditional or cultural attire. This could be a qipao, saree, hanbok, or any other attire that represents your heritage.

5. Personal Style:

Ultimately, your ROM solemnisation is about you and your partner. Wear an outfit that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful or handsome. It’s a special day, and your attire should reflect your personality and style.

6. Accessories and Jewelry:

Don’t forget to choose accessories and jewellery that complement your outfit. Whether it’s a tiara, veil, necklace, or cufflinks, these details can enhance your overall look.

7. Shoes:

Select footwear that matches your outfit and is comfortable for the venue. Heels are common for brides, but if you’re not comfortable in them, consider other options like flats or sandals.

8. Hair and Makeup:

Coordinate your hair and makeup to enhance your overall look. Consider professional hair and makeup services to ensure you look your best on your special day.

Try to avoid a long fringe as it could cover your side profile during your Speech, Vows, Rings exchange and certain angles.

9. Weather Considerations:

Take into account the season and weather conditions. If it’s hot and humid, choose light, breathable fabrics. For cooler weather, layering is a good idea.

10. Dress Code for Guests:

Communicate the dress code to your guests so that they can dress appropriately for your ROM solemnisation. This ensures a cohesive and harmonious atmosphere.

Before making your final choice, discuss your attire with your partner to ensure you both coordinate and look cohesive on your ROM day. Regardless of what you choose, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in your outfit.

What is the editing, post-processing procedure for our ROM photographs like?

All the good images will be selected, professionally edited and post-processed. This includes exposure correction, colour correction, colour enhancement, cropping and straightening.

Additional editing such as skin blemish removal, skin smoothening and face slimming are limited to 8 to 15 images (depending on the package), chosen after our first round of edit of your ROM photographs.

  • ROM Basic Package (1 Hour) consist of 8 further editing photos
  • ROM Classic Package (2 Hours) consist of 15 further editing photos

Our editing style is more towards the light and airy feel. Therefore, you may expect the colours to be less intense.

How long should we expect to receive the ROM photographs?

We typically aim to deliver the photographs to our clients between 7 of 10 working days.

What is the difference between ROM and Solemnisation Photography?

Registry of Marriage (ROM) and solemnisation are both important processes that pertain to a couple’s union. However, there are some differences between the two: 

  • Registry of Marriage (ROM): ROM is a legal procedure where a couple officially registers their marriage at The Registry Of Marriage at 7 Canning Rise, Singapore 179869. It is often a simple and private affair. ROMs are usually attended by the couple, witnesses, family and friends. The primary purpose of ROM is to establish the legal status of the marriage by registering, filing and verifying legal documents pertaining to your marriage, for solemnisation at ROM.

  • Solemnisation: Solemnisation, on the other hand, is the ceremonial aspect of a wedding. This is the traditional ceremony that many people envision when they think of a wedding. During this process, a selected solemniser, responsible for officiating your wedding, will review all essential legal documentation, confirm the mutual consent of both parties for the marriage, and oversee the signing of the Marriage Certificate. The solemnisation ceremony can be conducted in person, either at the Registry of Marriages (ROM) or other various settings such as churches, temples, gardens or other chosen venues, or online via a video link.

What are some venues for outdoor solemnisation photography in Singapore?

1) Fort Canning Park:

Fort Canning Park is a historic and green oasis in the midst of the city. You can explore various settings, from tree-lined paths to historical artefacts. The iconic spiral staircase and Raffles House are popular spots for solemnisation photography.

2) Gardens by the Bay (Fiscus Room):

Nearby Fiscus Room, is the Gardens by the Bay. This futuristic garden features the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, which provide a stunning backdrop for your photos. The Supertree Grove with its towering vertical gardens is another must-visit spot.

3) East Coast Park:

For couples who enjoy a seaside ambience, East Coast Park offers a scenic coastline. You can have your solemnisation on the beach or among the picturesque palm trees. The wooden jetties are great for intimate shots.

4) Sentosa Island:

Sentosa offers a range of picturesque settings, from sandy beaches to lush gardens. Siloso Beach is a popular spot for beachfront solemnisations, while Fort Siloso and its historical artefacts offer a unique backdrop.

5) Botanic Gardens (Bandstand):

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a haven for lush greenery. Explore the National Orchid Garden, Swan Lake, Symphony Lake and The Bandstand for romantic and serene photos.

6) Marina Barrage:

Overlooking the city skyline and the Marina Bay Reservoir, Marina Barrage offers a mix of natural and urban settings. The vast open space is perfect for creative shots and capturing the city’s lights at night.

7) Henderson Waves:

As part of the Southern Ridges, the Henderson Waves bridge provides a unique vantage point. With its undulating structure and serene forest surroundings, it’s a favourite among couples.

8) Dempsey Hill:

Dempsey Hill boasts colonial-style buildings amidst lush greenery. The rustic charm and stylish architecture create a delightful setting for both candid and posed photos.

9) Punggol Waterway Park:

Located in the northeast of Singapore, Punggol Waterway Park offers scenic views of the waterways, boardwalks, and lush landscapes. The various bridges and water features make for serene and natural backdrops.

10) Jewel Changi Airport:

For a modern, architectural setting, Jewel Changi Airport stands out. The Rain Vortex, surrounded by lush greenery, offers a captivating natural ambience, while the unique indoor waterfall provides a striking and contemporary background.

What are some venues for indoor solemnisation photography in Singapore?

SingaporeBrides wrote a comprehensive article regarding venues for solemnisation in Singapore. Feel free to check out the list for ideas to plan for your upcoming solemnisation.

Nadia Ng-Bech
Nadia Ng-Bech
Just engaged Our Momento to do a birthday photoshoot for my Mum's 60th at PS Cafe Ang Siang Hill. Booking the photoshoot was rather fuss free. Just gotta drop them a WhatsApp and follow the steps. ? Mae Hweei (our photographer) arrived promptly at the designated time, introduced herself to us and started snapping away! She was really friendly, giving us directions and suggestions for group shots, taking candid shots of all us etc. Before cake cutting she even helped us set up the cake cutting table, she arranged the cake , flowers and presents to make it look aesthetically pleasing. We just received the edited photos and they are beautiful! Super happy that we decided to go ahead with booking these guys for the party. We will definitely choose to do our next annual family photoshoot with Our Momento! ??
I had pre-wedding photo service. I decided because of nice atmosphere and beautiful photos in HP. staff here is very kind even we're foreigners.He give us professional advices for our outfits, nice shooting place and various posing. thanks to him and staffs, we are really happy to get awesome photo collection! thank you^ - ^
Maxing photography and editing skills at affordable prices. Friendly and professional, I would recommend Our Momento Singapore in a heartbeat. Thanks!
HY Style
HY Style
Engaged Mr Jori for ROM, really satisfied with the whole experience. He was very punctual (arriving earlier than I did on a day of heavy downpour), very patient as my guest arrived late. He was friendly, and guided me and my bride on how to pose for photos. Majority of the photos turned out fantastic! Beyond the photos, I wish to compliment Mr Jori for his attitude and professionalism! I think he works with a team - Highly recommended and kudos to his team! Will engaged their services someday agn soon!
Thu tHU
Thu tHU
Our ROM day at ROM and Chijams Cathedral was a truly magical and intimate celebration, and selecting the right photographer to capture these precious moments was paramount. Following careful research and glowing recommendations, we entrusted Our Momento Singapore Photography with this pivotal task, and we are thrilled to share our exceptional experience. Pre-Customer Service and Consultation (5/5): Our journey began with a thoughtful and detailed pre-customer service and consultation. The team at Our Momento took the time to understand our vision, preferences, and the moments we wished to capture. They were not only receptive to our ideas but also provided valuable suggestions that enriched our ROM day photography experience. Photography on the ROM Day (5/5): On our special day, the team from Our Momento displayed remarkable attention to detail. They artfully captured every significant moment, emotion, and meaningful exchange, ensuring that our cherished memories were beautifully preserved. Their unobtrusive style allowed us to savor the day fully while they skillfully documented its essence. Quality of the Photographs (5/5): The photographs delivered by Our Momento were nothing short of spectacular. Each image was a work of art, not just reflecting our love but also the essence of our ROM day at Chijams Cathedral. The colors were vibrant, the compositions were carefully crafted, and the candid shots were pure treasures. Our friends and family have been in awe of these stunning photographs, and we can't stop revisiting our precious moments through the album. Timely Delivery (5/5): We were pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of Our Momento Singapore Photography. Despite their meticulous post-production work, they delivered our photos promptly, allowing us to relive our special day while the memories were still fresh. Customer Service (5/5): Throughout the process, the team at Our Momento was responsive and accommodating. They made us feel valued as clients, and their passion for their craft shone through in every interaction. In conclusion, Our Momento Singapore Photography truly exceeded our expectations. They didn't just capture moments; they immortalized the emotions, joy, and love that we felt on our ROM day at Chijams Cathedral. We wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking not just a photographer but a team of artists dedicated to preserving the beauty of life's most cherished moments. Our ROM day photos are a testament to their talent and dedication, and we will forever be grateful for the breathtaking images that will allow us to relive our special day for generations to come. Thank you, Our Momento Singapore Photography, for creating memories that will last a lifetime!
Joe Wei Jing Zhou
Joe Wei Jing Zhou
very satisfied with the photo session. thumbs up
Shui'Er Han
Shui'Er Han
Excellent service and communication! Would recommend
Samantha Lim
Samantha Lim
Just did a grad shoot with them and had a wonderful experience - 10/10 recommend. Jori was our photographer and he was incredibly reliable and responsible - arrived 30 min early and even brought bubble guns. He was efficient in shooting and proactive at offering helpful suggestions on poses and backgrounds and was good at making the experience fun for us. Photos turned out great and were very well edited. Excellent experience and would recommend to our friends.
Decisive and knowledgeable photographers! Friendly and easy to communicate! Highly recommended!
Aditi Arora
Aditi Arora
I had a very great experience with Jori. He is very kind and very punctual. His work is amazing and he cliked very nice pics of my baby shower. Highly recommend. I would love to work with him again i the future.

More ROM/Solemnisation Photography Gallery

Photoshoot Ideas & Inspiration For Our ROM Photography

One great way to capture the intimate moments shared by the couple and the heartwarming emotions of guests in a wedding ceremony is through ROM photography. 

Our team of skilled photographers are always mindful of the atmosphere of the ceremony and the mood that they are trying to achieve. They consider the religious and cultural beliefs of our clients. This is to ensure that the photo shoot is respectful and meaningful.

Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your solemnisation photography service!

Outdoor Ceremony

Consider having an outdoor ceremony for a beautiful natural backdrop. A park, beach, or garden can provide a stunning and romantic setting for the ceremony.

Intimate Setting

A small, intimate ceremony can be very romantic and emotional. Consider having a ceremony with only close friends and family in a private location.

Decorated Venue

A decorated venue can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your ceremony. Consider a ballroom, a grand staircase, or a beautiful garden for your backdrop.

Traditional Theme

Embrace the couple’s cultural heritage by incorporating traditional elements into the ceremony, such as traditional dress, music, or decorations.

Candid Moments

Focus on capturing the raw emotions and intimate moments of the ceremony, such as the exchange of vows and the first kiss as a married couple.


Get close to the couple to capture the details of their attire, expressions, and body language. Consider capturing close-ups of the rings, flowers, and other details that are unique to their ceremony.

Documentary Style

Document the ceremony in a documentary style, capturing the events as they unfold. Consider taking photos of the guests and family members as they arrive and take their seats.

Family Portraits

After the ceremony, take the time to capture family portraits and group shots of the newlyweds with their loved ones.

Solo Portraits

Create a series of romantic and intimate portraits of the couple as they celebrate their love for each other. Consider using the beautiful location and natural light to create images that are timeless and romantic.

Why Our Momento?

Personalised Experience + 4R Prints

A personalised experience with Our Momento. From your first inquiry to the ideas, your choice of photos and moments for that day. We want to make our service like a personal letter to you + we provide 4R Prints for all packages.

Modest Pricing

We want Our Momento to appeal to everybody with a modest pricing approach. With that, sharing their personal special moments are universal, while still achieving quality photos.

Variety of Services

Our main focuses are on couples’ Pre-Wedding, ROM, AD Weddings, and Proposals. However, we cater to Family, Maternity, Graduation, Birthdays and Corporates too, making us a one-stop photography vendor.

Pre to Post-Production

Liaising with you from the pre-production such as planning, mood boards, location ideas, and hair & makeup artists to the photoshoot day, till the post-production of photo editing & retouching.

Get In Touch & Contact

Feel free to reach out and enquire any questions, we are happy to say hello ~ Alternatively, check out our Frequently Asked Questions or Support Page.

We respect your privacy, your information given in this contact form will not be used for marketing or other unauthorised use; for more details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


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