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We understand the significance of capturing and preserving the unique moments of your family’s dynamics. Our Momento photographers will collaborate with you to create an enjoyable photo session. Whether you prefer conventional posed photos or unplanned, spontaneous moments, we will ensure our portraits showcases the love and happiness of your family. Do take a read on some ideas for family photoshoots too.

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Family Photoshoot Package Price

Our Momento Family Packages Includes

Modest Pricing

Our lean business allows lower cost of operations for competitive prices 

Flexible Packages

Tailored from 30 minute interval bookings to no. of images selection

Fast Turnaround

7 to 10 working days photo editing time

Diverse Services

From couples to weddings and families to birthdays and more

Customer Discounts

Discounts for returning customers that journey with us

Premium Secure SSL

From securing customer information to secured file transfers 

Transparent Pricing

No hidden costs such as morning or weekend surcharge

Portfolio Transparency

What you see is what you get. Our works are photographed by us

Lifetime Google Drive Storage

Your photos, your storage. Lifetime access to your photos

Pre-Post Service Support

We provide pre + post service to answer enquiry and support

Free Consultation

Free consultation is available even after booking and payment

4R Prints + Free Shipping

All packages comes with 4R Prints if you like to opt for it + Free Shipping

What Our Clients Say

yudaren yu
yudaren yu
I must say photographer is very patient and easy to communicate, had our prewedding shoot at botanic garden, pricing wise is the best to town, we are truly blessed to engage them, thank you
Tony Wong
Tony Wong
We were visiting from the United States and used Jori and his Our Momento photography to do a pre wedding shoot in Singapore. Before the shoot, Jori helped preplan where to do the shoot, what poses we can try and even gave backup locations in case of rain! He was on top of everything! On the day of shoot, he guided and directed us seamlessly, and made our photo session a delightful experience! We highly recommend Jori and Our Momento!! Thank you for the photos!!
Nithya Anand
Nithya Anand
Really loved the whole experience from the planning of our maternity photoshoot to understanding our needs of what kind of theme we wanted all were smoothly planned and done according to it and the pictures all turned out on point..perfect and awesome photography done by Jori..100% recommended
Candy Lai
Candy Lai
Professional and very friendly photographer. Very prompt response before and after photography session. Reasonable price and great photos. My family members are very happy with the service.
Alice Satzger
Alice Satzger
I am so happy with family photo shoot I did with Our Momento. The photographer gave us very good instructions on how to pose to look natural. I am also pleased with the photos edition which were as per my brief: natural / not too heavy editing. Pricing wise is also very reasonable so I highly recommend. Thanks again.
Engaged Jori many months back but had to change the date to a much later one, he was extremely accommodating! On the photoshoot day, he was punctual & advised us on the best timing to get photos done cos of the weather. He even brought a bag pack of props to keep the kids smiley for the photos! His photography skills are wonderful and service is reasonably priced. It was an absolute joy working with you, thank you for your wonderful work & we will see you again soon!
Eugenia Ng
Eugenia Ng
Just engaged Our Momento for our wedding actual day. Booking the photoshoot was rather fuss free and staff is friendly and patient in answering my never ending queries. Highly recommend!
Justin Jacob
Justin Jacob
Very good service, nice photos as well
Thank you to Jori our photographer! We loved the photos so much ❤️ I just want to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible job you did capturing our wedding day. Your attention to detail and artistic eye truly brought out the beauty and emotion of each moment. The way you played with light and composition in each photo is simply breathtaking. We couldn't be happier with the results and will cherish these memories forever. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication! 🙏🏻
Wei Khor
Wei Khor
Both my husband and I love our rom photographs by Jori! He was able to capture all the special moments in his photos shot and both my husband and I were delighted to see how lovely the photos turn out to be !

Family Photoshoot Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a typical family photoshoot session take in Singapore?

A typical family photoshoot session in Singapore usually lasts approximately 1 to 1.5 hours, up to a maximum of 3 hours for bigger pax. This allows ample time for capturing a variety of poses and candid moments. Longer sessions are available upon request.

However, the exact duration may vary depending on the number of locations, and outfit changes. We aim to capture the perfect moments while ensuring you have an enjoyable experience.

What is included in your family photoshoot packages?

Outdoor Family Photoshoot Package

  • All Softcopy unedited photos returned (candids, burst shot, action shot, pose variation, vertical/horizontal, etc).

    80 Softcopy edited photos (per hour) (Brightness, Contrast, Saturation & Colour).

    8 Softcopy further edited photos chosen after initial edit (Touch-up on face blemishes, smoothening, face slimming)

    8 Hardcopy 4R prints (per hour) of your choice + Free Shipping

    Unlimited Pax, Up to 2 Attire change

    1 Photographer

    1 Outdoor Location

    High-resolution softcopy JPEGs (10 – 20mb/photo) via Google Drive within 7 – 10 working days

    1 Hour: SGD$250
    1.5 Hours: SGD$350

    2 Hours: SGD$450

    Additional Hour: SGD$200/hr

Family Studio Photoshoot Package

  • All Softcopy unedited photos returned (candids, burst shot, action shot, pose variation, vertical/horizontal, etc).

    60 Softcopy edited photos (per hour) (Brightness, Contrast, Saturation & Colour).

    8 Softcopy further edited photos chosen after initial edit (Touch-up on face blemishes, smoothening, face slimming)

    8 Hardcopy 4R prints (per hour) of your choice + Free Shipping

    10 Pax Limit, Up to 3 Backdrop change, Up to 2 Attire change

    1 Photographer

    1 Studio Location

    High-resolution softcopy JPEGs (10 – 20mb/photo) via Google Drive within 7 – 10 working days

    1 Hour: SGD$300
    1.5 Hours: SGD$450

    2 Hours: SGD$550
    Additional Hour: SGD$250/hr

How do I book or confirm your family photography session?

To secure our family photoshoot services, you have several convenient options for confirmation:

  1. Reach out to us through WhatsApp at +65 8020 2902 or click on the WhatsApp icon at the bottom right of your screen.
  2. Send an email to
  3. Alternatively, you can fill in and submit our contact form.

Do provide your Name, Contact Number, Preferred Date and Time.

Once you have decided to go ahead with the booking, we will proceed by issuing an invoice.

To secure the booking, a 50% deposit is required, with the remaining balance due within 7 to 10 working days after the photoshoot session, before the images are sent.

What to wear to a family photoshoot? Any photoshoot outfit ideas for family?

Choosing the right outfits for a family photoshoot can significantly impact the overall look and feel of your photos. Here are some outfit ideas and tips for coordinating clothing for a family photoshoot:

  1. Coordinate, Don’t Match:

    • Instead of everyone wearing identical outfits, opt for coordinating colours and styles. Choose a colour palette that complements each other, such as pastels, earthy tones, or soft blues.
  2. Consider the Location:

    • Think about where the photoshoot will take place. If it’s in a natural setting, earthy tones and casual attire might work well. For an urban backdrop, consider more modern outfits.
  3. Avoid Loud Patterns and Logos:

    • Busy patterns and logos can be distracting in photos. Opt for solid colours or subtle patterns. This helps keep the focus on your family’s faces and expressions.
  4. Layering Adds Depth:

    • Layering can add depth and visual interest to your photos. For example, you can have family members wear cardigans, or vests that complement their base outfits. However, this can only be done in the studio as it will be a challenge with Singapore’s weather
  5. Accessorise Thoughtfully:

    • Accessories like hats and statement jewellery can add a stylish touch to your family’s outfits. Just be mindful not to overdo it.
  6. Comfort Matters:

    • Ensure that everyone feels comfortable in their chosen outfits. Uncomfortable clothing can lead to awkward poses and expressions.
  7. Plan Ahead:

    • Plan your outfits well in advance of the photoshoot date. This allows time for any shopping, alterations, or dry cleaning that may be needed.
  8. Reflect Your Family’s Style:

    • Choose outfits that reflect your family’s personality and style. If you’re a casual and laid-back family, don’t feel pressured to dress formally if it doesn’t suit you.
  9. Test Outfits Ahead of Time:

    • Have a dress rehearsal or take test photos in your chosen outfits to ensure they look good together on camera.

The key to selecting outfits for a family photoshoot is to strike a balance between coordination and individuality. Your clothing choices should complement each other while allowing each family member’s unique personality to shine through.

Don’t forget to consult with your photographer, as they can provide valuable guidance based on their experience and the specific location of the photoshoot.

What are some places to take outdoor family photoshoot in Singapore?

Singapore offers a variety of beautiful outdoor locations for family photoshoots, each with its own unique charm and backdrop. Here are some popular outdoor family photoshoot locations in Singapore:

  1. Gardens by the Bay: This iconic location features stunning Supertree Grove and Flower Dome backdrops, as well as lush gardens. The futuristic architecture and vibrant flora make for captivating photos.

  2. East Coast Park: With its scenic coastline, sandy beaches, East Coast Park provides a relaxed and natural setting for family photoshoots. You can capture both beach and park scenes here. We recommend the Castle Beach.

  3. Sentosa Island: Sentosa offers a range of picturesque spots, from the pristine beaches of Palawan and Siloso to the scenic Fort Siloso Skywalk. The island’s diverse landscapes provide ample photo opportunities.

  4. Singapore Botanic Gardens: Singapore Botanic Gardens Gallop Extension’s OCBC Arboretum is known for its lush greenery and colonial architecture. As well as the iconic bandstand nearby. It’s a beautiful location for capturing the essence of nature.

  5. Marina Barrage: The Marina Barrage rooftop provides panoramic views of the city skyline and Marina Bay. It’s an excellent location for capturing both cityscapes and family portraits.

  6. Fort Canning Park: This historic park is known for its lush greenery and historic structures. It offers a tranquil atmosphere for family photoshoots.

  7. HortPark: Located near the Southern Ridges, HortPark is a horticultural paradise with beautifully landscaped gardens, making it a lovely setting for outdoor family photos.

  8. Punggol Waterway Park: If you’re looking for a waterfront location with scenic bridges and ponds, Punggol Waterway Park is a great choice.

  9. MacRitchie Reservoir: Surrounded by lush rainforest, MacRitchie Reservoir is ideal for nature-loving families. The boardwalk and tree-lined paths provide a picturesque setting.

  10. Changi Boardwalk: Enjoy the tranquil surroundings of Changi Boardwalk with its coastal views, rocky shores, and the iconic Changi Beach Tree. It’s especially lovely during sunrise and sunset.

  11. Raffles Marina Lighthouse: Located in the west, this lighthouse offers a unique coastal setting with picturesque views of the sea and a charming white lighthouse.

When choosing a location, consider your family’s preferences and the style of photos you want to capture. 

Additionally, working with a local photographer who is familiar with these sites can be beneficial in capturing the best angles and moments during your family photoshoot.

What's the best time of day for a family photoshoot in Singapore to capture the perfect lighting?

Timing is crucial for a successful photoshoot. We recommend scheduling your session during the “Golden Hour,” which occurs during sunset, between 6 to 7 pm to achieve warm, flattering lighting.

Or sunrise, however, may be too early for some as it occur during 7 am.

How can you ensure that children feel comfortable and cooperative during the photoshoot?

Ensuring that children feel comfortable and cooperative during a family photoshoot is essential to capture natural and joyful moments. Here are some ways we suggest or help to create a positive and relaxed atmosphere for children:

  1. Preparation and Communication:
    • Communicate with the children and parents before the photoshoot. Explain what will happen and the importance of cooperation. Keep the conversation positive and exciting.
  2. Schedule the Shoot at the Right Time:
    • Choose a time when children are typically well-rested and in a good mood. For many young children, this is often in the morning.
  3. Bring Familiar Items:
    • Allow children to bring their favourite toys, blankets, or comfort items to the photoshoot. These familiar items can help them feel more secure and relaxed.
  4. Incorporate Play and Fun:
    • Integrate play and fun activities into the photoshoot. Encourage children to play games, run around, or interact with their siblings or parents. Candid moments can be beautiful. We have props such as bubble guns that your kids can use.
  5. Be Patient and Flexible:
    • Children can be unpredictable, and they may need breaks or become shy in front of the camera. Be patient and flexible, allowing them to warm up to the situation.
  6. Avoid Overposing:
    • Instead of rigidly posed shots, opt for more natural, candid photos that capture children in their element. These photos often convey their personalities and emotions better.
  7. Use Props:
    • Props like balloons, bubbles, or props related to the children’s interests can add an element of fun and engagement to the photoshoot.
  8. Snack and Rest Breaks:
    • Have snacks and water available for quick breaks. Hungry or tired children may become irritable, so short breaks can help them recharge.
  9. Stay Positive and Encouraging:
    • We keep a positive and encouraging tone throughout the photoshoot. Praising children for their cooperation and let them know how great they’re doing.
  10. Capture Candid Moments:
    • Some of the most endearing photos come from candid moments. Let children be themselves, and we can capture their genuine expressions and interactions.

Remember that every child is unique, and what works for one child may not work for another.

Flexibility, patience, and a child-friendly approach are key to ensuring that children feel comfortable and cooperative during a family photoshoot.

All in all, the goal is to create a relaxed and enjoyable experience for both the children and their parents, resulting in beautiful and authentic family photographs.

What's the turnaround time for receiving the edited photos from our family photoshoot?

We understand the excitement of seeing your family photos. Our standard turnaround time for delivering edited images is between 7 to 10 working days, ensuring you receive your beautifully processed photos promptly.

Can I choose the location for my family photoshoot in Singapore?

Yes, you can usually choose the location for your family photoshoot. Most professional photographers or photography services will allow you to select the location that best suits your preferences and the style you want for your photos. 

What if the weather in Singapore is unfavorable on the scheduled photoshoot day?

Weather can be unpredictable, but we have contingency plans in place. We’ll work with you to reschedule the session or suggest alternative indoor locations to ensure your photoshoot happens smoothly.

Do you offer indoor family photoshoot options in case of bad weather in Singapore?

We offer indoor family photoshoot options as an alternative in case of bad weather or for families who prefer an indoor setting. Indoor photoshoots can provide a controlled environment with consistent lighting and no weather-related concerns. Here are some indoor family photoshoot options you can consider:

  1. Photography Studios: We have access to well-equipped studios with various backdrop options, lighting setups, and props. Studios offer a controlled environment for capturing family portraits.

  2. Home Photoshoots: If you prefer a more personal touch, we can come to your home to conduct a photoshoot. This allows you to capture candid moments in a familiar and comfortable setting.

  3. Indoor Locations: Singapore also has numerous indoor locations with aesthetic appeal, such as museums, art galleries, and botanical conservatories. These venues can provide unique and visually pleasing backdrops for your family photos.

  4. Hotel Photoshoot: Consider booking a stylish hotel suite or a location within a hotel for an indoor photoshoot. These settings often offer a luxurious and elegant backdrop. For example, Raffles Hotel.

Can you accommodate specific themes or ideas for our family photoshoot in Singapore?

Absolutely. We love incorporating your unique ideas and themes into the photoshoot. Whether it’s a themed outfit, location, or concept, we’re open to discuss.

Family Photoshoot Blogs

Family Photoshoot Ideas

At Home

A family photoshoot at home can be a comfortable and intimate experience. The photographer can capture the family in their natural setting, surrounded by familiar objects and spaces that reflect their personalities and lifestyle. You can use rooms with a lot of natural light such as the living room, kitchen or even outside in the garden. You can also incorporate personal items such as books, toys, or family heirlooms to add a unique touch to the photos.

Outdoor Adventure

For families who enjoy the great outdoors, an outdoor adventure can make for a fun and adventurous photoshoot. Take your family on a hike, to a nearby park, or a picnic in nature. The photographer can capture spontaneous interactions, candid moments and the beautiful natural surroundings. You can also incorporate props such as bicycles, kites, or frisbees to add a playful element to the photos.

Themed Photoshoot

A themed family photoshoot is a great way to reflect your family’s interests or personalities. You can choose a theme that reflects your family’s style, such as a beach day, sporty adventure, or fairy tale-inspired shoot. This can add a creative and playful element to the photos and create a unique and memorable experience.

Seasonal Photoshoot (Studio)

Capturing your family during the different themed seasons can be a great way to document the changes and growth in your family over time. From spring blooms to winter snow, the different themed seasons offer unique opportunities for creative and beautiful family photos. You can incorporate seasonal props such as autumn leaves or winter hats to add a special touch to the themed studio photoshoots.

Family Reunion Photoshoot

A family reunion photoshoot is a great way to capture all your family members in one place. You can take a group shot of the whole family or take individual shots with different family combinations. This is a great opportunity to capture memories and connections with relatives that you may not see as often.

Milestone Celebration Photoshoot

Celebrating milestones such as graduations, birthdays, or anniversaries is a great opportunity to capture special moments and emotions. A photographer can help you document the event and the special moments that come with it, preserving the memory for years to come.

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Family photography captures and preserves memories and moments of your loved ones. These photographs serve as tangible mementos of your family’s unique bond, and can be treasured for generations to come. They also provide a way to document important milestones, events, and experiences in your family’s history. Family portraits can evoke feelings of nostalgia and joy and bring back memories of shared experiences, even years after they were taken. Therefore, it is an investment in preserving and cherishing the relationships that are most precious to you.

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