National Gallery Photoshoot, One of Many Singapore’s Photo Spots

by Our Momento SG | Nov 29, 2023

I recently came across the breathtaking National Gallery Singapore, the perfect spot for photographers and art enthusiasts alike! Located in the heart of Singapore, this stunning building showcases a rich history and an impressive collection of Southeast Asian art.

As I explored the National Gallery, I discovered a multitude of galleries, exhibitions, and eye-catching architecture that provided countless opportunities for creative photoshoots. Whether I was capturing professional wedding shots or snapping a family portrait, the National Gallery offered various unique backdrops that can elevate any photograph.

Key Takeaways

  • National Gallery Singapore offers a diverse selection of galleries and exhibitions for photography inspiration
  • Photoshoot locations within the gallery showcase the building’s historical architecture
  • Capturing images at the National Gallery creates memorable and artistic social media content

Location and History

Civic District and its History

I want to share with you how excited I am about the National Gallery Singapore, located in the beautiful Civic District. This area is brimming with history, with its breathtaking colonial-era buildings. Believe me, the district has witnessed the most significant events in Singapore’s past! Starting with Sir Stamford Raffles, who set up his first government offices here, to the unforgettable declaration of independence in 1965.

Former Supreme Court and City Hall

Now, let me tell you about the stunning former Supreme Court and City Hall buildings that house the National Gallery. With such illustrious pasts, these structures were meticulously restored, ensuring all the splendor and grandeur from their construction in the early 20th century is captured. The transformation into the National Gallery expertly merged the two spaces, preserving the architectural uniqueness of each building whilst connecting their rich histories.

Former Supreme CourtCity Hall
Year Built: 1939Year Built: 1929
Architect: Frank Dorrington WardArchitect: Alfred John Bidwell

Architectural Beauty

My friends, you have to see with your own eyes the myriad elements illustrating the architectural beauty of this place. From the imposing Greek columns to the high ceilings and arched windows, the National Gallery Singapore is the perfect picturesque location for a photoshoot.

The craftsmanship of the polished marble floor and patterned tiles combine modernity and history seamlessly. So whether you’re planning a wedding shoot, an outdoor family photoshoot, or just want to appreciate the magnificent architecture, the National Gallery of Singapore is the ideal location to showcase and admire both the artistic and historical elements within the Civic District.

Galleries and Exhibitions

Southeast Asian Art

I recently visited the National Gallery Singapore and was amazed by their impressive collection of Southeast Asian art. This exquisite gallery showcases some of the most exceptional artworks from this region, giving art lovers like me a chance to appreciate the rich culture and talent in Southeast Asia. One exhibition that particularly captivated me was the Living Pictures: Photography in Southeast Asia, which runs till 20th Aug 2023.

National Collection

My experience at the National Gallery Singapore wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the impressive National Collection. Boasting more than 8,000 pieces of art, this is one of the world’s largest and most invaluable public collections of Singaporean and Southeast Asian modern art, dating from the 19th century to the present day. I couldn’t help but be in awe of the artistic mastery on display.

Latiff Mohidin Exhibition

A personal highlight was the Liu Kuo-sung: Experimentation as Method exhibition that features the works of renown artist Latiff Mohidin, on display until 26th Nov 2023. Venturing through the Wu Guanzhong Gallery, I was genuinely impressed and inspired by Latiff’s technique of fusion and innovation in art. The exhibition explores his experimental methods and showcases how he consistently pushed the boundaries of creative expression.

In summary, I really enjoyed my visit to the National Gallery Singapore and highly recommend it to anyone looking to immerse themselves in a world of art and culture. The diverse exhibitions and breathtaking collections truly celebrate the incredible talent within the Southeast Asian art community.

National Gallery is a fantastic location to create memories through various types of photoshoots. The historical building adds a surreal and dreamy touch to every picture taken! Let’s explore some popular photoshoot options in this spectacular venue.

If you’re looking for an indoor location with a touch of history and elegance, look no further than a pre-wedding photoshoot in National Gallery! The stunning architecture and intricate details make it the perfect setting to capture those blissful pre-wedding moments. Just imagine yourselves in wedding attire, posing against the backdrop of majestic pillars and timeless art installations. You’ll surely cherish these photos forever!

On your big day, let the beauty of National Gallery add an extra sparkle to your actual day wedding photography. The building’s grandeur will give your wedding album a touch of class and sophistication that you’ll want to revisit every year. With various spaces available within the gallery, you can create an endless array of remarkable shots that will be a testament to your love’s eternal flame.

Aside from weddings, National Gallery is also perfect for casual couple photoshoots. Be it an anniversary or simply a weekend outing, celebrate your relationship with a lovely photoshoot amidst the timeless architecture. This experience not only offers a connection to Singapore’s rich history but also provides a unique bonding experience with your significant other.

Mark the momentous occasion of your graduation with a stylish photoshoot in the National Gallery. The venue serves as an amazing backdrop that effortlessly blends tradition and modernity, reflecting the beginning of your new journey. With a graduation photoshoot at this location, you’ll be sure to create lasting impressions that you and your family can cherish for years to come.

What better way to commemorate special family moments than with an outdoor family photoshoot at the National Gallery? Against the picturesque backdrop, you’ll capture the love, joy, and warmth that your family shares. Thanks to the gallery’s diverse architectural elements, you can have a truly memorable photoshoot at any time of the day!

So, go ahead and book your photoshoot at the National Gallery, and I guarantee you’ll have stunning pictures that will stand the test of time!

Indoor Locations

I recently visited the National Gallery, and I found amazing indoor locations for a photoshoot. The Supreme Court Terrace offers visitors fantastic views of the city skyline. It’s a great spot to capture stunning images.

Supreme Court Terrace

The Supreme Court Terrace is an elegant location with a beautiful backdrop. I was amazed by the architecture and the abundant natural light!

Padang Atrium

While exploring the gallery, I discovered the Padang Atrium. It’s a spacious area with a unique geometric design, perfect for capturing eye-catching photos. The natural lighting really adds a magical touch to the images.

I found the Upper Link Bridge and Lower Link Bridge to be ideal for capturing diverse shots. The bridges provide great vantage points, allowing for creative compositions.

Not only does the UOB South East Asia Gallery house an incredible collection of art, but it also offers a stunning environment for artistic photos. The space is filled with beautiful natural light, making it a photographer’s dream.

Supreme Court Foyer

The Supreme Court Foyer is another perfect spot for classic and sophisticated photos. The arched windows and grand staircase add a touch of elegance to any shot.

Art Installations

Throughout the gallery, I encountered numerous captivating art installations that can serve as unique backdrops. With so many options, the possibilities for creative shots are endless!

Outdoor Locations

Padang Deck

Stepping outside, I was thrilled to find the Padang Deck. This location offers stunning views of the cityscape and historic buildings, which make for timeless photos.

City Hall Steps

The City Hall Steps provide a grand setting for capturing group shots or dramatic solo portraits. With so much architectural beauty, it’s hard not to be inspired.

Supreme Court Lane (Zebra Crossing)

Last but not least, the iconic Supreme Court Lane features a picturesque zebra crossing. This quirky spot adds a touch of whimsy to any shoot, creating memorable and fun images.


I absolutely love using reflections in my photography! The National Gallery has plenty of reflective surfaces like glass walls and polished floors. These can create some truly stunning effects in your photos. For example, the National Gallery Singapore has a beautiful blend of historical and contemporary designs, which can create the perfect setting for playing with reflections to double the visual impact.


There’s something magical about capturing a striking silhouette against the backdrop of the beautiful architecture at the National Gallery. To achieve this effect, position your subject in front of a bright source of light, such as a window or skylight. This will create a dramatic contrast between the lit background and the dark silhouette of your subject. Don’t forget to explore the historical colonial building for unique and interesting backdrops!

Leading Lines

Leading lines are a fantastic way to draw the viewer’s eye into your photo, creating a sense of depth and making the image more dynamic. I often search for staircases, corridors, and architectural features in the National Gallery to incorporate into my photos. These elements can help guide the viewer’s gaze and emphasize your subject.


The importance of composition cannot be overstated! There’s a lot to explore within the National Gallery when it comes to composing your shots. I recommend experimenting with different angles and perspectives to show off the unique features of the location. You can also consider incorporating the diverse display of artworks to add an artistic touch to your photos.

Natural Lighting

Finally, natural lighting is a crucial element to consider when planning your National Gallery photoshoot. The building has large windows and open spaces that allow for beautiful natural light to flow through. Soft, diffused light is perfect for flattering portraits, while harsh, direct sunlight can create bold shadows and interesting contrasts. Be aware of the time of day and how it affects the light. Experimenting with natural lighting is both fun and rewarding!

Modern Influence

I can’t help but feel excited when I talk about the National Gallery in social media! The museum has demonstrated an impressive adaptation to the world of modernity. It exhibits creative use of social media platformslike Instagram and Facebook to connect with a wider audience of art enthusiasts, making the gallery more accessible to everyone around the globe.

Not only does the gallery share its extensive art collections, but it also showcases the breathtaking architecture, and even behind-the-scenes glimpses of its daily operations. This creative approach has notably garnered a huge following online. In fact, the National Gallery has a whopping 2 million followers on their Instagram account!

When I think of sharing memories from my visit to the National Gallery, I think of the beautifully curated posts shared on their social media. Being a visual-centric platform, Instagram is perfect for creating captivating “postcards” from the gallery. The museum showcases stunning art pieces, unique installations, and Instagram-worthy spots in its location.

Here are some popular themes often found in the gallery’s social media posts:

  • Exhibition previews
  • Artist close-ups
  • Architectural highlights
  • Community events

Through this modern approach, the National Gallery inspires and engages people from all corners of the world, bringing art and culture into our daily lives, right at our fingertips.

So, for anyone interested in art, history, or cultures, the National Gallery’s presence on social media is a treasure trove of inspiration and knowledge!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m excited to tell you that the rates for a photoshoot at the National Gallery can vary depending on the specific area and time you choose. It’s definitely a good idea to check their official website to get the most up-to-date information on their photoshoot rates and booking process!

Yes! Photography is allowed inside the National Gallery, but you may need to follow certain guidelines and restrictions. Be sure to review the rules beforehand and respect the gallery’s boundaries, as well as the artwork on display. Enjoy the stunning backdrop!

Where can I find ideal spots for a wedding photoshoot in Singapore?

Singapore has many amazing locations for wedding photoshoots, and I’m excited to share that the National Gallery is one of them! Other beautiful spots include Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, and the Botanic Gardens. Be sure to explore the city and find the perfect spot that suits your style!

I couldn’t find any specific information about renting a photobooth at the National Gallery; however, you may be able to bring your own or hire an external vendor. I recommend reaching out to the venue directly to get accurate information on their policies and availability.

Yes, there can be some restrictions when using cameras in the National Gallery, such as not using flash photography, tripods, or large equipment. It’s also crucial to be respectful of the artwork and other visitors while capturing those perfect shots. It’s always a great idea to check their website or contact them for detailed guidelines before your photoshoot.

Filming may be allowed during specific events at the National Gallery; however, it’s best to get permission from the event organizers or the venue itself. Each event and situation might have different rules and guidelines, so carefully reviewing their policies beforehand is a must! Have fun capturing those unforgettable moments!

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