21 Stylish Outfit Ideas for a Beach Family Photoshoot

by Our Momento SG | Jun 13, 2023

Planning a family photoshoot at the beach is an exciting and memorable experience. Not only does it give you the opportunity to capture beautiful moments with your loved ones, but it also provides a stunning natural backdrop. To make the most of your beach family photoshoot, it’s essential to choose stylish outfits that blend harmoniously with the beach environment. In this article, we will explore a variety of outfit ideas that will make your family shine in the sun and waves.

Casual Chic Outfit Ideas

When it comes to a beach family photoshoot, a casual chic look is perfect for achieving a relaxed and effortless vibe.

Light and Breathable Fabrics

Opt for lightweight and breathable fabrics like linen or cotton. These materials will keep you cool and comfortable in the warm beach climate.

Soft Pastel Hues

Choose soft pastel hues such as mint green, baby blue, or blush pink to create a gentle and soothing ambiance in your photos. These colors complement the beach surroundings beautifully.

Flowy Maxi Dresses and Jumpsuits

Ladies can opt for flowy maxi dresses or jumpsuits in light and airy fabrics. These elegant and comfortable options will add a touch of sophistication to your family photos.

Linen Shirts and Tailored Shorts

Gentlemen can go for linen shirts paired with tailored shorts. This combination strikes the perfect balance between casual and refined, creating a cohesive look for the entire family.

Coordinating Accessories

Complete your casual chic outfits with coordinating accessories like straw hats, sunglasses, and sandals. These accessories not only add a stylish flair but also protect you from the sun during the photoshoot.

Nautical-Inspired Looks

Embrace the coastal charm and create nautical-inspired outfits that exude a timeless and adventurous spirit.

Crisp White and Navy Blue Stripes

Nautical looks often feature crisp white and navy blue stripes, symbolizing the sea and sailboats. Incorporate these classic elements into your family’s outfits to capture the essence of the beach.

Matching Striped Tops and Dresses

For the little ones, choose matching striped tops or dresses that reflect the nautical theme. This adds an adorable touch to your family photos and creates a sense of unity.

Solid-Colored Outfits

Adults can opt for solid-colored outfits in complementary shades. Pair a navy blue top with white trousers or a white dress with navy blue accessories. This combination keeps the nautical vibe intact while offering individual style choices.

Nautical Accessories

Enhance the nautical look with accessories like anchor-print scarves, boat shoes, or sailor-inspired hats. These small details add an extra layer of authenticity to your family’s beach outfits.

Adding a Touch of Red

To inject a pop of color and visual interest, consider incorporating touches of red. Red accessories such as hair clips, bracelets, or belts can create a focal point and make your family’s outfits stand out against the beach backdrop.

Bohemian Beach Style

If you’re looking for a carefree and whimsical vibe for your beach family photoshoot, embrace the bohemian beach style.

Flowing Fabrics and Earthy Tones

Bohemian outfits often feature flowing fabrics and earthy tones. Opt for loose-fitting dresses or skirts with floral prints or geometric patterns, creating a bohemian-inspired look for the ladies.

Maxi Dresses with Floral Prints

Maxi dresses with floral prints are perfect for capturing the bohemian spirit. Choose vibrant patterns and colors that reflect the natural beauty of the beach surroundings.

Loose-Fitting Linen Shirts

Gentlemen can embrace the bohemian style by wearing loose-fitting linen shirts paired with patterned shorts or pants. These breathable and comfortable options ensure they feel relaxed during the photoshoot.

Bohemian Accessories

Complete the bohemian beach look with accessories like feathered headbands, beaded necklaces, and woven sandals. These small details add a touch of whimsy and individuality to your family’s outfits.

Natural Elements

Incorporate natural elements such as seashell jewelry or flower crowns to enhance the bohemian vibe. These accessories will create a truly enchanting atmosphere and make your family’s beach photoshoot unforgettable.

Tropical Paradise Looks

If you’re lucky enough to have a beach photoshoot in a tropical location, embrace vibrant colors and exotic prints that reflect the lush surroundings.

Vibrant Colors and Exotic Prints

Opt for outfits in vibrant colors like coral, turquoise, or yellow. These hues will pop against the backdrop of the beach, adding a tropical flair to your family’s photos.

Floral or Palm Leaf Prints

Choose clothing with floral or palm leaf prints, which are synonymous with tropical paradise. Whether it’s a sundress for the ladies or a tropical shirt for the gentlemen, these prints will instantly transport you to an island getaway.

Flowy Sundresses and Tropical Shirts

Flowy sundresses are a staple for tropical beach photoshoots. They not only keep you cool but also create beautiful movement in the photos. Gentlemen can opt for tropical shirts in bold colors or patterns, capturing the essence of the destination.

Straw Bags and Colorful Accessories

Complete the tropical paradise look with accessories like straw bags, colorful beaded bracelets, and flip-flops. These details add a touch of authenticity and complete the overall tropical aesthetic.

Monochromatic Elegance

For a timeless and sophisticated look that stands out against the beach backdrop, consider a monochromatic color scheme.

Timeless and Sophisticated Look

Monochromatic outfits create a sense of elegance and cohesion. By choosing a single color and playing with different shades and tones, you can achieve a visually stunning effect.

Choosing a Single Color

Select a classic hue like white, beige, or light blue as your base color. Dress each family member in different shades and tones of that color, ensuring a harmonious and stylish look.

Playing with Textures and Layers

To add depth and interest to monochromatic outfits, experiment with textures and layers. Combine a flowing white maxi dress for the ladies with a lightweight sweater or linen jacket for the gentlemen. This combination adds visual intrigue without deviating from the elegant monochromatic theme.


Q1: How can I ensure my family’s outfits coordinate without being too matchy-matchy?

While coordination is important, you don’t want everyone to look identical. Choose a color palette or theme that complements each other, and allow individual style to shine through. For example, opt for different shades of blue or patterns within the same color scheme.

Q2: Are there any specific fabrics that work best for a beach photoshoot?

Light and breathable fabrics like linen or cotton are ideal for a beach photoshoot. They will keep you cool and comfortable under the sun while providing a relaxed and effortless look.

Q3: Should I consider the weather and time of day when planning our outfits?

Absolutely. Take into account the weather and time of day to ensure your family is comfortable during the photoshoot. Consider lighter fabrics for hot weather and bring layers if it gets cooler in the evening.

Q4: Can we incorporate accessories to enhance our beach family photoshoot outfits?

Accessories can elevate your outfits and add personality to your photos. Consider items like straw hats, sunglasses, seashell jewelry, or colorful scarves to enhance the beachy vibe and complete your looks.

Q5: How can we ensure the outfits won’t get ruined by sand or water during the photoshoot?

Opt for outfits that are easy to clean and aren’t too delicate. Avoid long dresses or pants that may drag in the sand. Be mindful of water splashes and sand, but remember to enjoy the moment and have fun with your family!

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