12 Best Family Portrait Studios in Singapore

by Our Momento SG | Mar 20, 2024

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Capturing family moments is an art, and in Singapore, the canvas is as diverse and vibrant as the families themselves. From the intimate and airy to the grand and timeless, here’s a list of the top 14 studios specialising in bringing your family’s story to life.

1. Our Momento

Our Momento stands out as the pinnacle of family photography in Singapore, offering a bespoke experience that blends artistry with intimacy. Their modest pricing and flexible packages make professional family photography accessible to all. With a fast turnaround of 7 to 10 working days and various services that cater for couples to large family gatherings, they ensure your precious moments are captured flawlessly with your whole family.

Key highlights include:

  • Transparent pricing: Ensuring no hidden costs, making your experience straightforward and enjoyable.
  • Lifetime Google Drive storage: Providing secure, lifelong access to your memories.
  • Free consultation after booking: Understanding your requirements and ideas to ensure that your photos turn out exactly as you desire.
  • Diverse services: Apart from family portraits, Our Momento also captures every milestone, from weddings to birthdays, with impeccable detail.

2. Kim Ngo Woodward Photography

Kim Ngo Woodward Photography brings a Californian flair to Singapore, focusing on intimate, airy, timeless family photos. Transitioning from tech to photography, Kim’s journey enriches her captures with depth and authenticity, offering a unique perspective to family portraits that resonate with love and warmth.

3. Tomato Photo Studio

Since its inception in 2007, Tomato Photo Studio has become a haven for families seeking a studio and outdoor family photoshoot. Their journey from a 700 sqft shophouse to a purpose-built studio showcases their commitment to client satisfaction and creative excellence. Tomato Photo’s ability to listen and adapt has made it a favourite among Singaporean families.

4. White Room Studio

Nestled in a Peranakan shophouse, White Room Studio offers more than just a photoshoot; it provides an experience. With over 75 years of collective experience, their team excels in creating fine art portraits that capture the essence of your family in the studio’s unique, light-filled space.

5. The Photograph

The Photograph’s story is a testament to the power of personal passion. Starting in 2000 and transitioning to a family-focused business in 2009, they have mastered the art of capturing the dynamism and depth of family connections. Their belief in the joy of photography shines through in every stunning family portrait.

6. Bloom Photography

Bloom Photography grows with your family, capturing every step from engagement to adding new members. A sister company of Ashley Low Photography, Bloom emphasises fun, love, and colour, creating vibrant and thematic studio family photos that reflect the joy of family life.

7. The Studio Loft

The Studio Loft is a story of resilience and passion, founded by Maryann in 2008. Specialising in newborn photography, the studio has become a sanctuary where families can create and preserve moments of love and connection, all while feeling comfortable and cherished.

8. Theresa Olesen Portraits

Theresa Olesen’s boutique studio in Bukit Timah is where artistry meets personalisation. With awards from international associations, her family photoshoots with no time limit are tailor-made masterpieces that reflect each client’s unique story and style.

9. Firefly Photography

Firefly Photography is more than a family photo shoot studio; it’s a philosophy of gratitude, learning, and optimism. Their wide range of professional studio services ensures that every family moment, from newborns to grand reunions, is captured with a glow of happiness and authenticity.

10. Oh Dear Studio

Oh Dear Studio offers a unique blend of natural sunlight and studio lighting in their charming conservation shophouse. Their emphasis on creating a relaxing and enjoyable environment makes every fun family photoshoot a memorable experience.

11. Bambini Photography

Bambini Photography stands as a testament to growth and dedication in family photography shoots. With a journey that began in 2009, they have evolved from sharing resources to establishing their identity as a dependable photo studio in Singapore for children, family, maternity, and corporate portraits. 

Their expansion into a purpose-built studio in Ubi signifies their commitment to providing families with a comfortable and enriching photography experience. Specialising in a broad spectrum of people’s portraiture, Bambini Photography offers a cosy environment and diverse backdrops, ensuring that each family’s story is told with authenticity and warmth.

12. Littleones Photography

Behind Littleones Photography is Kate, an award-winning British photographer in Singapore with a rich background in nursing and a lifelong exposure to caring for people, especially babies and children. Her approach is personable and skilled, ensuring that families feel relaxed and engaged. 

Littleones Photography specialises in using natural light photography to create soft, flattering and timeless portraits, celebrating the magic of family connections and the individual charm of each member. Kate’s expertise extends to modern, elegant women’s portraits, providing a diverse range of services to meet the needs of her clientele.

Why Our Momento for Your Family Photoshoot in Singapore?

Choosing Our Momento as your photography studio in Singapore is a decision that prioritises quality, creativity, and personalised care. Here’s why Our Momento stands above the rest, making it the preferred choice for capturing your family’s most cherished moments.

Tailored Experience for Every Family Photoshoot

Every family is different and has a unique narrative to share, and Our Momento is aware of this. For this reason, they provide customised picture shoots meant to capture the spirit of your family. Our Momento works directly with you to ensure the photographic experience captures your family’s individuality and preferences, ensuring your family portrait season is conducted comfortably. 

Expertise and Creativity in Family Photography

A team of experienced photographers with distinct artistic flare and technical proficiency manages Our Momento. Their professional family photographers in Singapore guarantee that every studio session is an artistic exploration, capturing the sentiments and ties between family members. They are skilled in various portrait photography styles, including natural light and documentary-style photography as well.

Comprehensive Photography Studio Service Offerings

Our Momento’s photography services extend beyond the typical family photoshoot Singapore offers. They provide a variety of photographic packages, such as graduation pictures, anniversaries, birthdays, and baby and annual family sessions. Because of its adaptability, Our Momento can continue to capture your journey with the same warmth and expertise as your family grows and changes.

Commitment to Quality as a Family Photographer

From the initial consultation to the final delivery of your beautiful family photographs, Our Momento maintains the highest quality standards for families in Singapore. Their fast turnaround time of 7 to 10 working days for photo editing doesn’t compromise the detail and care put into each image. Furthermore, with transparent pricing and no hidden costs, clients can trust in a straightforward and honest service.

Secure and Accessible Memories Through Family Photographs

Our Momento provides you with unlimited storage on Google Drive for your images, so your priceless moments are always securely preserved and at your fingertips – all as part of the photography package you pay for.

Personalised Support for Every Family Photo Studio Capture

Our Momento offers outstanding pre- and post-service assistance. For a smooth and stress-free picture experience, complimentary consultations are offered before and after booking and payment. Their staff is always available to answer questions and provide advice, ensuring your family photoshoot session is expertly planned and carried out. 

Our Momento stands apart in a city full of photography studios by providing a customised, imaginative, and high-quality photographic service. Selecting Our Momento entails selecting a partner who shares your appreciation for your family’s memories and is committed to preserving them in the most exquisite, genuine, and safe way imaginable.

Get Your Family Photo at the Best Family Portrait Studio Singapore Offers

Every family has a story to tell in Singapore, and these photo shoot studios each provide a different perspective from which those tales might be presented. But for those looking for a combination of emotional narrative and top-notch technical performance, Our Momento stands out as the best option. We are at the forefront of family photography in Singapore because of our passion for preserving your family’s most treasured memories and our extensive service options, attention to security, and transparency. 

Let Our Momento accompany your amazing family on this journey — so we may save your moments as cherished memories for future generations. 

Book your photoshoot with us today – we are your best family portrait studio Singapore offers.

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